Our Journey

We embarked on our transformation journey in 2004, today the Beier Group boasts a shareholder’s team of highly qualified and experienced individuals, of which 51.25% are black owners.


Due to this amalgamation of knowledge, passion and vision, we not only continue to take our businesses to new heights, but are also realising our goals of bringing about meaningful transformation in our community – and our country at large.

Our valued team has been key in achieving the group’s consolidated annual turnover of R1.75 billion.

The Company

Beier Envirotec Pty Ltd. is one of the leading manufacturer and supplier of industrial filtration and technical textiles.

Our History


O.T.H. Beier established himself in Durban as a wool merchant.


O.T.H. Beier took over Storm & Company’s scouring plant, and established O.T.H. Beier and Co. Pty Ltd. As the economy of the country steadily improved, O.T.H. Beier saw the vast potential for industrial development in South Africa and embarked upon a policy of expansion and diversification, which has continued to the present day.


A strategic joint venture was established with Albany International Corporation, the largest producer worldwide of paper machine clothing.


A non-woven plant was established.


Was awarded its first major Eskom contract for 89,000 filter bags at Duvha Power Station.


Invested in high-tech non-woven production plant.


Was awarded its first major engineering contract to build a 150 000nm3 bag-house.


Beier Industries concluded a BEE transaction effectively giving a 25% shareholding in Beier Albany to Aldabri, a broad based investment holding consortium.


Beier Industries secures majority additional share holding of Beier Albany and Co Pty Ltd. In 2010, Beier Albany Pty Ltd. Divests from the manufacturer and supply of paper machine clothing to focus on its core competences, these being the manufacture and supply of industrial filtration and technical textiles.


Undertook a strategic change from Beier Albany and Co. Pty Ltd to Beier Envirotec Pty Ltd.


Beier Envirotec Pty Ltd made a transition from being a BBBEE Status Level 3 contributor to being a BBBEE Status Level 2 contributor.


Beier Envirotec landed a National Eskom Tender for a period of two years.


Beier Envirotec invested in a new Needle loom machinery in order to increase efficiency.


Beier Envirotec invested in a new Stenter machinery in order to increase efficiency.


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Beier Envirotec (Pty) Ltd Accreditation

  • A Level 2 B-BBEE Organisation
  • ISO 14001:2015 Listed Company
  • ISO 9001:2015 Listed Company
  • EN ISO 13485:2016 Listed Company
  • FP & M SETA Accredited Training Provider

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