Women’s voices: Tracy Moonsamy

Time and again, studies have shown the tremendous benefits of advancing women in the workplace. Gender diversity makes teams stronger, smarter and leads to better decision-making – and that’s good for business.

Increasing women’s participation in the traditionally male-dominated manufacturing industry means giving their voices more prominence, and spotlighting personal stories of success.

As Women’s Month draws to a close, Beier’s trailblazers are sharing their thoughts on everything from workplace inclusion, mentorship and the unique skills women bring to our company.

Tracy Moonsamy

Tracy first joined the Beier family as a laboratory assistant two decades ago. Today, she puts her accumulated skills and invaluable experience to work as a Director at Beier Envirotec and General Manager at Beier Drawtex Healthcare.

On advancing women at every level

“It’s about entrenching inclusion…”

In the past, women have been denied the opportunities that men enjoyed. That is why it’s so important for companies today to mentor, train and empower women – and to genuinely embrace equality and diversity. Beier’s vision of industrialisation, transformation and development really drives the advancement of women within the organisation and the community. Our member companies have been able to successfully entrench a culture of inclusion at all levels, not just in top management and the board. We see women taking the lead even in traditionally male-dominated roles – we have female artisans, female machine operators and we actively develop women-led enterprises and suppliers in our communities.

On breaking down barriers

“You are limited only by yourself…”

A truly enabling company culture places no barriers to a woman’s advancement: you should be limited only by yourself and the effort you are willing to put in. At every stage of my development at Beier, I’ve been given opportunities to grow and have an impact on the business. As the first woman to join the Beier board at the time of my appointment, my growth trajectory within the company is a testament to its approach to inclusion.

On earning your professional worth

“Your seat at the table is earned…”

It’s really important to me that I am seen as a valuable member of the team and that my contributions matter. I want my continued dedication and commitment to keep me and the organisation in a mutually beneficial relationship. This is why I really appreciate that Beier drives individual performance and ensures that any seat at the table – regardless of gender –is truly earned.

On paying it forward

“I can watch successful people develop around me…”

It gives me a great deal of satisfaction to change the lives of others for the better. Beier’s focus on mentorship is especially key here – it allows me to impact staff at all levels of the organisation, and to watch competent and successful people develop around me. Empowerment through education has always been part of the Beier culture. We align employees’ personal training and upskilling aspirations with the goals of the business – and that’s what creates sustainable development.

On women’s unique skills

“Women make us a formidable force…”

I believe women bring a fresh perspective to any business, and that impacts everything from interactions with the customer to product development. We have strong leadership skills and we’re naturally adaptable, persuasive and great at nurturing relationships and uplifting others. Those qualities can only enhance an organisation and allow us to build better relationships both internally and externally. Beier’s focus on advancing women therefore increases our strength and diversity – and makes us a formidable force.